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Kate in NYC

Kate was born into an artistic family in Toronto, ON. Her mother an artist and father a musician, there was never a dull moment to be had. From a young age Kate could be found helping her mother with art, learning techniques steeped in tradition. From this introduction into the creative lifestyle Kate went out on her own as she got older in order to hone her style.

Her adventure into tattooing started at a young age when a visiting cousin left behind skin art books. From that point on there was no turning back. During her teenage years Kate apprenticed at a local shop; but the urge to travel was strong so off she went to Europe. Overseas she could be found tattooing local clientele and immersing herself in the culture in her spare time. After a long stint in Europe it was homewardbound for Kate.

A wintery Toronto greeted Kate, as well as her soon to be spouse. With her newly acquired knowledge and skill she began to work in a couple of different shops. Now Kate's diversifying into new styles, specifically Japanese and doing custom pieces that speak to her.

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